Maria Angela Maina

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Is Swahili becoming Africa’s official language?

The African Union have started to use Swahili as official working language, some African States as official language

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Traffic: it’s the same globally, but sometimes, it’s worse in Nairobi

The chaos of traffic is well known everywhere, but the relevant reasons may be quite different. How technology innovation may help to tackle traffic issues and ensure the rule of law

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Una donna passa davanti al quartiere locale di Kibera Slums, a Nairobi, dove l'estrema felicità della comunità sorprende visto l'alto tasso di povertà e la mancanza di lavoro.

Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Kenya and the rest of Africa

Ukrainian War and Africa: not only oil, wheat and fertilizer shortages. The appreciation of the US Dollar pushes down local currencies worsening already weak economies. Once again a reason for Africa to become more self-reliant

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Le miniere d'oro illegali sono sempre più comuni in Ghana

Africa: the effect of foreign direct investment on human rights

Here, the colonialism era ended approximately 50 years ago, new Countries approached the continent, promising investments, modernity and wellness, this notwithstanding human rights abuses against local workers are enduring

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