Costa Rica Fashion Week 2022

When glamour and fashion meet sustainability
di Maria Angela Maina
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13 ottobre 2022 Aggiornato alle 21:00

While in Europe, at least in Italy, fashion is felt like something characterized by exclusivity, which is often considered one of the faces of luxury, this is not the rule in other parts of the world. For sure, this is not the case in Costa Rica.

With its 5 million inhabitants, Costa Rica is famous for its rich environment and biodiversity. It faces two oceans that are 116 kilometres distant from each other in the closest part. Moreover, a pluvial forest with gorgeous nature passes through the land and never fails to astonish its visitors.

Costa Rica now fully relies on renewable energy due to the abundance of rivers with strong water flows.

Considering the above, it is easy to understand the mutualistic relationship existing between Costa Rica and Mother Nature.

Nature often makes an appearance in many of the videos promoting the Costa Rica Fashion Week (Crfw), where lush green woods and deep blue oceans set the backstage for models of every size, colour and race.

This picture attracts the eye of the European observer — it is a picture of nature and beauty that embraces inclusion as a part of the fashion industry.

Costa Rica Fashion Week is now at its 21st edition, which mirrors aspects of nature, beauty and inclusion.

This year, the Ceo of the Costa Rica Fashion Week, Karina Diaz, declares the Crfw’s embrace of the UN Development Goals.

Additionally, this year the Crfw will run from 27 to 29 October with highlights by side initiatives regarding circular fashion and educational training sessions.

«The role that the global fashion industry, and particularly fast fashion, has played in climate change and the loss of biodiversity is undeniable — thus, fashion has a lot to say but above all a lot to do. The future of fashion lies in sustainable brands and the development of circular business models that facilitate synergies for ecological care and just relationships between the different players in this industry. Customers want to know how their clothes are made, the ethics with which the raw materials were managed, the working conditions of those who made them and the sustainability over time of the whole process until it reaches the showroom», Karina Diaz said.

«As we commence the month of fashion, we are proud to see that our Fashion Week and the activities surrounding it begin occupying their own small space between the traditional fashion weeks of London, Milan, Paris and New York. With increasing interest growing throughout the country and a positive reaction from the participants, we believe Crfw 2022 has established itself as a place with a voice on behalf of alternative and sustainable fashion», Karina Diaz added.

In addition, the entrance to any one of the 21 catwalks will be through the donation of one tree each, through the Plant a Tree foundation (Fundación Planta mi Arbol) — an organization that plants trees throughout Latin America, in areas that are in need of reforestation. One tree will be the equivalent of one entrance to one catwalk.

Those who will be not able to attend can watch the catwalks through the Crfw YouTube Livestream. In any case, everyone in the public is free to donate a tree through the Crfw platform.

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