Maria Angela Maina

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Africa’s food crisis and looming population surge

The nexus between educating girls and a reduction in fertility rates

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Rising cases of modern slavery of Kenyans abroad

Poverty and need push people abroad without any real form of protection

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Costa Rica Fashion Week 2022

When glamour and fashion meet sustainability

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Nigeria: ban of foreign models and voice-over artists

An unusual form of autarchy: in the global race among sovereigns, also the advertisement and marketing communications become a battlefield

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Kenya: the first african Country to teach coding in schools

In the digital era, education changes to face new challenges

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Rwanda: the crime of shameful dressing

How the meaning of decency and indecency changes in the digital era?

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Kenyan women protest for the right to wear whichever clothes they want, at a demonstration in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, on november 2014

Nairobi vs Rome: a different perspective on gender equality

Women will never be truly free, if they will not be able to take a walk without being sexually harassed

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Evolution of the role of African women

A day dedicated to Pan African women to remember those that stood out in human development and as an invitation to become even more

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Is Swahili becoming Africa’s official language?

The African Union have started to use Swahili as official working language, some African States as official language

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Traffic: it’s the same globally, but sometimes, it’s worse in Nairobi

The chaos of traffic is well known everywhere, but the relevant reasons may be quite different. How technology innovation may help to tackle traffic issues and ensure the rule of law

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