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The Russia-Ukrainian war: the case of african sustainability

This Country has to find its way to be self-reliant

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Uganda, a disruptor to girls’ education: the case of teenage pregnancies

Protect the women and save the Nations

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Ebola, an outbreak after a pandemic

Uganda faces new (local) lockdowns as Ebola spreads

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Learning poverty: the case of early childhood development

Which future without childhood education? Learning poverty is a critical issue for Sub-Saharan Africa and many other regions of the World

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The African women’s right to ownership

Africa: gender equality also means full access to property ownership

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Evolution of the role of African women

A day dedicated to Pan African women to remember those that stood out in human development and as an invitation to become even more

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Period poverty and stigma: the case of buying period products

Period should not be just a female topic: only with the involvement of men (not just partners but also fathers and brothers) social stigma can be overcome

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School girls play in front of their classroom in Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya

How foreign countries build stable connections in Africa

As the saying goes “Two speaking the same language get along well”. Here are the strategies of many nations in the approach to East Africa

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