Women are their worst enemies

Despite the growth of the feminist movement, women still do not appear united in improving their conditions neither in the social, private and public life nor in the workplaces
di Sandra Hawi
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In society, the miseries that most women go through can be attributed to actions caused by the same women.

Outwardly, they project unity but deep down their souls, the hostility and hate that they have towards each other is beyond words.

When a woman fails, you can be rest assured that the first person to attack will always be a woman.

Failed marriages, relationships, domestic violence, rape cases, job loss and a lot more, it will always be women who will be the first to victim shame their fellow women.

But, as we all put it, such a response is a reflection of their shortcomings.

Society, our cultures and social media have played a huge role in pushing for the falsehood that a female’s primary worth is found in her looks. Many women have bought into this idea and because of that women have come to assess themselves based on individual assessment on their various body parts to an extent of doing the same with other women, labeling them as ‘hot or not’.

This has created a rift, jealousy and hatred amongst women.

Women are body shaming each other on social media platforms, calling each other names, demeaning and hating each other based on looks.

No matter how much you try to look perfect, they will always find something negative to say about you.

Do you remember when Kim Kardashian gave birth to her first child with Kanye?

Most of the trolls that she received in the comment section were from fellow women telling her how big she had become and should cut off some weight because ideally to them a celebrity isn’t supposed to have any flaws.

In response to the trolls, she tweeted «Anyone who has given birth knows how hard it is to lose weight. Your body totally changes! I am not perfect but I’m not going to conform to your skinny standards. I am empowered by my body. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. I am empowered by showing the world my flaws and not afraid of what anyone is going to say about me».

We need to push back and stop buying into the idea that a woman’s worth is in her looks.

Few women are at the top, sometimes not because of male chauvinism but because of the indifferences and competition amongst themselves.

Female bosses, as researches show (such as those made by the University of Michigan), are more likely to stand in the way of the progress of their junior female colleagues than help them reach their potential.

This set of bosses are too busy and engaged to mentor or support the younger ones.

However, what could really be the genesis of all these? Could it be that they come from a place of deep hurt or could they have been treated badly in the past and this has created deep-seated feelings of resentment, which manifest in how they mistreat those that are trying to rise up the ranks?

Some women go to the extent of saying «I don’t care who my boss is, so long as it is not a woman».

Other researches (such as 2013 Gallop Study) show that male bosses are preferred as opposed to having female bosses.

Male bosses are known to have less drama and are less jealous of their better-looking fellows, more receptive to new ideas and allows execution without much interference, less emotional when making decisions and they recognize and applaud commitment and dedication.

With women empowerment, many women are rising and assuming higher positions, unfortunately some use their powers to oppress and undermine other women at work places.

This is shown in the harsh methods of correction, unnecessary competition with fellow female colleagues and the demeaning comments. Someone identifies this situation with a nuance that clearly hits the point “The Queen Bee Syndrome”.

From the workplaces to the political field, things do not seem to change.

Politically, despite the number of women surpassing that of men, we still are not willing to vote for women to acquire the higher positions and yet, we are still the ones to complain of underrepresentation of women in the political field.

We need to rise up and use our votes to help ourselves instead of hurting each other: we are stronger together!

After all, Madeleine Albright, the first woman appointed as United States secretary of state, said that: «There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women».

In the house managerial field, some women employers are known to be very insecure of their house managers.

Their insecurities root from beautiful house managers, this affects how they are treated, amount of work given to them, food, payment and even their relations with others in the house.

House managers are supposed to be like family but, due to the instances where they turned against the women of the house and took their husbands away from them with whatever means, trusting them has been an issue.

As some house managers are genuinely looking for jobs, others are on different missions to destroy other women’s homes, marriages and even careers; maybe for some time they have been eyeing how beautiful, blessed and peaceful the family is and they just can’t stand seeing other women doing better than them. So why not destroy it if they can’t have it? We have witnessed cases where one of them ends up either in jail or grave.

In order to change the world and make things better for all of us, we need to be united. Unity is power.

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